Maxwell GeoSystems provide the bridge between Engineering and Information Technology to provide data driven solutions for a variety of engineering problems.



Maxwell GeoSystems design software to manage technical and management data relating to the investigation, design, tender, construction and maintenance of infrastructure assets of all types. Our strength is in our ability to communicate end user needs to developers to implement effectively. All Maxwell GeoSystems software is made to be configurable and interactive with the aim to allow engineers to reduce the time they spend on data processing and formatting and more time on expressing themselves as engineers through analysis of the data to identify tends and relationships which form the basis of good construction decisions.



Our systems would not be able to address the issues surrounding infrastructure delivery if we did not understand what those issues are. At the top of Maxwell GeoSystems our Directors and Principals are all experts in their own right. They work with clients to design and deliver solutions to a variety of challenges and streamline project processes. Where we do not have in house expertise we have strategic partnerships with focused companies familiar with the MissionOS platform and its application in these focus areas.



Our specialist instrumentation arm Etherterra are experts at delivering measurement solutions for a variety of instrumentation and monitoring projects. Installation is done by partner companies or by the clients themselves Etherterra provide consultancy advice to ensure quality data is received to answer the engineering questions posed.


Project Management

Maxwell GeoSystems work with commercial quantity survey companies to help ensure that data is kept in optimum formats to allow time and costs as well as program risks to be quantified and acted on both before and during a project and for commercial claims and disputes to be evaluated thoroughly.