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The Ultimate BIM Enabler

BIM is now a standard requirement for delivery on many construction projects, but whilst it is fundamental to the design process, BIM driven by CAD is still not fully effective during the construction stage. Hosted in this way, information modelling is difficult to implement widely across a project and many types of information and construction methods just do not lend themselves to the CAD environment. Unlike architecture which is object based, civil construction is based on linear extrusion e.g. piles, tunnels, excavation, towers or based on very complex shapes where the data is collected from successive scans e.g. Bathymetry and LIDAR. Enter MissionOS, the ultimate BIM enabler. MissionOS allows projects to define a data structure that fits temporary works construction management processes that have been used for centuries. A simple and intuitive browser interface facilitates collective data management leading to linked auditable reports with a fine degree of granularity. Data is hosted on the cloud and the interface allows interactive structured queries in space and time so that even huge data volumes are not an issue. This is Big Data with a Small footprint but with connectivity that you've never experienced before. MissionOS python scripts create IFC files on demand to update BIM layers in 3D CAD removing the need for exhausting repetitive data processing within the BIM team. API connectivity enables your favourite BIM CAD platform to get data for MissionOS cloud for display on demand.

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Date: 19/03/2020

Ref: MGS-BIM3D-01