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How Technology is positively affecting

the Mining Industry

How Technology is positively affecting

Throughout the years, the mining industry has undergone various significant transformation and advancements through the integration of technology. These changes have re-established the way in which mining projects are conducted, leading to improved efficiency, safety, as well as environmental stability. We'll explore some of the ways in which technology is changing the age-old mining industry. One of the most prominent advancements in the mining industry has been through the implementation of sensor and geospatial technology, which enable mining companies to gather accurate and real-time data about the mineral deposits, geology, along with the environmental conditions. Such data is key for optimising the extraction process, determining the most efficient extraction methods and minimising waste. According to FINEPRINT (a European Research Council {ERC} Consolidator Grant Project - mining activities around the world occupy 57,277 km² of lands, and implementing remote monitoring through wireless point sensors and scanning techniques, ensures that projects comply with environmental and geotechnical regulations, and promote sustainable mining practices. The application of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is also positively impacted the mining industry. With data being the new commodity, analysing it from various sources through the help of AI algorithms can identify patterns and trends, allowing for predictive maintenance, improved resource allocation and better decision-making. As per the World Economic Forum, the entire mining and metals industry has now moved to become a USD 1 trillion economy. Thus acquiring, understanding and presenting the data on real time dashboards (from platforms such as MissionOS) is extremely valuable for mining companies. Efficient extraction of raw materials is a global driver for mining technology in 2023. Maxwell GeoSystems’ MissionOS is the most flexible platform to respond to varying site requirements, as well as managing diverse data sets with a focus on the infrastructure and mining sectors. Written completely in-house, our team of engineers and programmers are nimble and turn round specific development requests quickly with experts who understand the industry needs. MissionOS is able to help mining projects deal with varying geological characterisations of the ground using digital data, combining these with production data in dynamic live 4D models. The industry is dynamic and needs rapid turn around to hit production cycles and targets. Furthermore, MissionOS helps project engineers with real-time data upload with automated transparent processing, connect data-loggers from instruments / machinery, as well as presenting rich analytics on dashboards, using consolidated summary reports for both instruments and mining data.

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Date: 19/07/2023

Ref: MGS-MIN-01