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MissionOS Construction 2.0

MissionOS Construction 2.0

MissionOS Construction 2.0 Driving Change

Construction 2.0 is an industry-wide initiative for the upgrading of the construction industry and providing a roadmap for its future. The initiative is also intended to stimulate discussions within the industry and garner feedback. It will be piloted on selected upcoming public works projects in several countries. In Hong Kong, a Construction 2.0 initiative is already underway as a leading agent for change with a HK$1billion Construction, Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF), promoting innovation & investment in construction delivery. For its part of this Construction 2.0 initiative, Maxwell GeoSystems firmly believe that innovation is the key to improving capability, driving digital transformation (DX) & enhancing performance. MGS has secured CITF Fund Pre-Approved Status. The MissionOS system is at the very forefront of new technology necessary to drive forward productivity, efficiency and enhanced project delivery outcomes. #MissionOS #Construction2.0 #CloudBasedPlatform

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Date: 16/11/2020

Ref: MGS-CON2.0-01