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MissionOS Brings Data Alive

MissionOS Brings Data Alive

MissionOS Brings Construction Data Management Alive

The latest techniques in Construction Data Management generate an ever-increasing demand for data. This Digital Transformation (DX) allows organisations to evolve into a digital native enterprise (DNE), which can support innovation and digital disruption rather than enhancing existing technologies and models. MissionOS provides a comprehensive Construction Data Management system solution for your project's data. As projects have become more complex, more than ever, engineers need seamless ways of integrating and combining their project together to derive meaningful insights in trends and influences. In MissionOS, your Construction Data comes to life with accurate and automated connection of all data including shift reports, production records and construction activities. This interconnected data can be used to automatically generate summary reports, entirely configured on the cloud-based platform accessible from anywhere. Visualise your Construction Data in 3D models automatically updated when new data is added. Combine data with instrumentation and monitoring data, site investigation data and prediction models to get a holistic perspective of the project without the need for continuous copy/paste and manual data fetching. #MissionOS #ConstructionDataManagement #Cloudbasedplatform

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Date: 29/09/2020

Ref: MGS-CDM 01