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MissionOS Blog Takes Event-Response & Mitigation To New Levels.

In 2011, Maxwell GeoSystems first rolled-out its MissionOS blog as a means of managing the many alarm breaches occurring on the Regional Express Link for the MTR Corporation in Hong Kong. Since then, the system has progressively evolved and been adapted to meet ever-increasing online demands, such that MissionOS now successfully manages events on major global infrastructure projects as: Melbourne Metro, Kuala Lumpur Metro-KVMRT, DTSS2 in Singapore, NEBT in Washington and the LA Metro, saving huge amounts of time and focusing engineer time on mitigation rather than reporting. Average response time is down to 1-5 days and close-out is now 7 days or less, representing a significant improvement over manual systems. The blogging system has now been extended to automate regular reports via a scheduled event which begins a report thread with auto-generate report content ready for commentary added in the blog. This represents a major improvement for reporting with positive impacts on risk, safety, cost, programme and communications. #blog #blogging #innovation #construction #civilengineering #communication #tunnels

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Date: 12/05/2020

Ref: MGS-BLG HK-01