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Geostatistics for Ground Risk Assessment

Geostatistics for Ground Risk Assessment

Geostatistics roll out as part of Ground Risk Assessment in MissionOS.

Maxwell GeoSystems has partnered with J. Murphy & Sons to apply advanced geostatistical techniques to the analysis of geotechnical ground risk and enhance the understanding of ground conditions encountered during construction. The work applies computer automation to rigorous, independent review and analysis of the site investigation data and the development of detailed probabilistic models of the subsurface conditions, including geotechnical properties. Our state-of-the-art subsurface modelling techniques (i.e. geostatistics) generate quantitative metrics such as likelihood of encountering difficult ground and estimation uncertainty, enabling the client to make more informed decisions to mitigate problematic ground conditions. The modelling techniques embed sensible geological rules, producing a set of realisations of the ground conditions which are relevant to the local geological evolution as well as the data sample available. These models and chainage-based predictions can be loaded into the highly configurable MissionOS platform for tracking during construction and updated easily in a semi-automated manner.

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Date: 13/05/2021

Ref: MGS-GRS 01