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Implement Smart InfraTech Solutions Today

Implement Smart InfraTech Solutions Today

Over the years, the way in which infrastructure is designed and constructed has changed considerably. Today, greater importance is given to things such as environmental / ecological impact, amongst others, to ensure standards are met. With technology progressing rapidly and now being integrated to infrastructure, a new term has been coined, ‘InfraTech’. InfraTech (or Infrastructure Technology) can be described as the integration of materials, machines, and digital technologies across the infrastructure lifecycle. It impacts the development, delivery and on-going operations within infrastructure. Domains related to infrastructure such as, tunnels, bridges, dams, reclamation, buildings, slopes and asset management, are all set to benefit from ‘InfraTech’ solutions, which would help create a smarter, environmentally friendly and efficient infrastructure. Implementing such solutions will help to enable cost-effective upgrades to existing infrastructure, thus extending the assets life, and reduce maintenance costs in the long-run. Another positive impact of ‘InfraTech’ solutions is that it would reduce the overall project risk by using data and analytics to make better, timely, and more accurate decisions across the board. Utilising data and analytics to automate and optimise operations will aid to build better resilience for infrastructure projects, which would ensure business continuity without disruptions. Maxwell GeoSystems cloud-based MissionOS system is one such solution that projects across the world are implementing, and benefiting from it. MissionOS is a highly configurable data platform, designed specifically for the demands of the entire instrument management process, providing significant gains and improvements throughout all phases of infrastructure construction. It is able to take into account environmental performance, whereby infrastructure projects are enhanced through hosting CCTV within MissionOS that generates immediate views into possible causes of environmental non-compliance. The system is also able to gather key data for materials management. Furthermore, infrastructure projects benefit from MissionOS, as it enables a complete risk management of a project throughout the full-cycle. It can convert complex data and perform powerful risk assessment analytics, to aid decision-making, estimating risk and evaluating performance.

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Date: 19/05/2023

Ref: MGS-ITC 01