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Maxwell GeoSystems Employee Focus

Maxwell GeoSystems Employee Focus

In this, our fourth edition of Employee Focus posts, in which we celebrate the great works and achievements of our staff around the world, we centre on Vishnu M.G, a Project Programmer with Maxwell GeoSystems, who is currently working on assignment in the United Kingdom. He’s has actively been involved on the HS2 (High Speed Rail) project for the past 2 years, which is the major infrastructure project currently underway in Europe. Vishnu has been working as a programming development resource, for managing instrumentation and construction monitoring, creating use cases and requirements, ahead of programming activities. He also provides local assistance and training to client users, undertaking system health checks, database and server checks on the S1/S2 and N1/N2 contracts of the HS2 project. In addition, Vishnu works with other programmers to develop new codes, QA code and undertakes UAT testing for managing design and test feedbacks. Throughout his tenure on the project, Vishnu outlines his primary accomplishments as participating in the creation of TBM-related functionalities / features alongside different teams. He was also involved in TBM reports and system enhancements, whereby he coordinated between Maxwell GeoSystems design teams and client to deliver the works. Additionally, he progressed from a deployment manager to ultimately becoming a project manager. Maxwell GeoSystems believes in promoting a growth-based environment which continuously nurtures talent, appreciates dedicated efforts and positive results. Every year, the team at the Research and Development Facility in Kochi, India, has their Rewards & Recognition evening, recognising and appreciating the contributions by the employees. Vishnu has deservedly been given the "Award of Excellence" certificate twice now, a remarkable achievement for his continued efforts in contributing for Maxwell GeoSystems and the projects. "I'm delighted to have received this award and I really appreciate the organisation recognises hard work and efforts in this way", he added.

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Date: 05/07/2023

Ref: MGS-STP 04