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From Overload to Insight

From Overload to Insight

Image courtesy of MGS-Tunnelling Journal

Artificial intelligence offers exciting opportunities to improve the efficiency and safety of many aspects of tunnelling.

In its February/March 2020 edition, Tunnelling Journal recently published an insightful peek into a few early ideas..

“For a few years now, we’ve been complaining about ‘information overload’ in tunnelling. All this data spewing from machines,surveying equipment and other sources, that could offer so much more insight if it were to be mined and analysed. Data management systems with their summarising dashboards and the ability to overlay information from different sources were the first step. Now various organisations are looking at deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to a wide range of applications across different types of tunnel...”

Feast of data to feed TBM’s ‘brain’

“Data management specialist Maxwell GeoSystems, working with contractor Gamuda and the Colorado School of Mines, is investigating how to use AI to improve tunnel process control. “We are working to assist Gamuda to come up with more intelligent ways of tunnelling,not only to speed up current projects but more importantly to help future projects,” says Jacob Grasmick, a geotechnical engineer at Maxwell GeoSystems...”

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Excerpts & reproduction courtesy of Tunnelling Journal.

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Date: 08/04/2020

Ref: MGS-TJ AI-01