Software Solutions for Construction

Software Solutions for Construction

Maxwell GeoSystems offers its clients an extremely flexible and cost effective range of systems and service options based upon the key component modules available within the MissionOS.

Mission Site

The MissionOS connects all projects through a central data cloud and provides the overall umbrella under which the core systems operate. At the outset of a project Maxwell GeoSystems' clients subscribe to the MissionOS which then opens up the full service, benefits and seamless coverage of its systems.

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Scope of Service & Functionality

The entry-level version of the software is aimed at small instrumentation projects requiring only the management and display of instrumentation data. This can be provided in bulk (per instrument) licencing deals or on project-by-project basis.

Each Mission Site package includes:

  • Establishing a Cloud Instance to suit project needs
  • Basic data models to choose from
  • Supporting online system Manuals
  • Walk through example exercises

Key points of Mission Site Functionality:

  • Load maps and plans including sections
  • Set-up zoom boxes
  • View multiple locations of instruments against maps and plans
  • Photograph attachments
  • Full change logging and file logging capability
  • Security by password, encryption of files, access by region
  • Authority set by User ID
  • AGS ground information data loading* - Not scheduled
  • Load key construction jobs and programme
  • Load construction geometry
  • Simple Construction detail and progress for correlated reporting
  • Load "Blackball" delay code and shift report scheme by job-type
  • 3D model generation - design geometry
  • Paint progress on maps
  • Plot configurable interactive graphs of various parameters
  • Plot graphs of one parameter vs another
  • Plot graphs and tables to PDF
  • Digitising e.g. Buildings, hazards etc. – Available now
  • Action and process management, including Blogs for job action response and management

*AGS-Association of GeoTechnical & GeoEnvironmental Specialists

We offer our clients a range of options to finance & supply the MissionOS system.

Our MissionOS system is scalable, modular and highly configurable, driving efficiency and customer satisfaction with smart and dynamic pricing optimization throughout the duration of a project



Deployed in the cloud, MissionOS provides flexibility, choice and scalable options for a project.


Through its highly configurable and intuitive user interface MissionOS can optimise project pricing solutions.


Find out how you can seemlessly integrate MissionOS within your existing IT landscape.