Earthworks & Reclamation

Maxwell GeoSystems have been driving developments in identification, prediction, control and monitoring. Our MissionOS system integrates instrumentation monitoring, construction data and ground condition information within a real-time environment to enable engineers to quickly analyse data with a minimum of processing.

Earthworks & Reclamation

The best earthworks, reclamation and ground improvement projects, successfully combine large volumes of data before, during, and post construction. With MissionOS data driven architecture geotechnical ground models developed during site investigation stages can be checked and reassessed as new information comes to light during construction. This data can be supplemented by monitoring the spatially dense construction data from ground improvement holes to identify soft/deep spots not apparent during site investigation and comparing pre and post treatment ground strength with CPT gives confidence that the ground has suitably improved. MissionOS powerful instrumentation capabilities enable embankments to be monitored closely for stability as they are erected and for settlement once they reach full height. Settlement measurements are compared with predictions in order to confirm design assumptions and answer the ever burning question: “ Are my ground improvements finished so I can move on to the next stage of construction?” Often rich information sources lay dormant, buried in static reports. MissionOS helps bring information alive, meaningfully presenting data to keep designers, constructors, clients, and verifiers informed of project progress..

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Display AGS Borehole data in 3D along with stratigraphic surfaces based on those boreholes. Surfaces are dynamically so reflect the latest data.
  • Easily display and compare multiple CPT traces.
  • Generation of different type of contours (settlement contours, water/piezometric level contours and geological contours from AGS data).
  • Produce surfaces of ground improvement (PVD, stone column) depths to compare with design models.
  • Derived instrument calculations combining two or more instruments e.g. horizontal vs. vertical movement as a measure of embankment stability.
  • Set-up prediction models based on adjustable input parameters. Compare predictions with measurements to assess progress and forecast forward to estimate end of construction.
  • User customisable canvas sheets to display multiple graphs and maps, for up to date, easily understood, information.
  • Automated reporting to produce comprehensive up to date scheduled reports.


Earthworks & Reclamation

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