Asset Management

Maxwell GeoSystems' innovative solutions are built to handle large volumes of real-time data from a multitude of IoT devices and link this to design performance data to manually collected data from inspections. Maxwell GeoSystems’ powerful analytical capabilities help interpret the data to identify state of structural health and target predictive maintenance strategies.

Asset Management

Maintenance of assets is essential in order to ensure they remain in good condition and remain operational throughout their entire life-cycle. Traditional maintenance considers the reliability of the asset and the cost to replace it. A preventative maintenance regime is normally undertaken, based on a set time period, incorporating visual inspection and scheduled asset replacement – even when the asset is far from failing. Today, MissionOS offers a smarter and more efficient approach – ‘condition-based maintenance’. The system collects large amounts of real-time and periodic data from smart field devices on their own status, and that of the connected assets/structures. It then uses its advanced data modelling and predictive analysis to compare present and historic data to calculate the reliability of the asset, and its performance against pre-set thresholds. Maxwell GeoSystems’ MissionOS is highly configurable and flexibly supports assets in Facilities Management, Plant Asset Management, Structural Health Monitoring and Maintenance Monitoring.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Data can be taken from virtually any monitoring instrument, smart device or IoT sensor, periodically or in real-time.
  • Incoming data is automatically checked and validated. Automatic calculations, analysis and comparisons are performed on the asset information.
  • Comprehensive details of the current and predicted state of all assets are provided in the form of graphs, scheduled reports and interactive maps. This provides valuable information for maintenance personnel troubleshooting faults.
  • If an asset’s monitored value approaches a pre-set threshold, the system informs key personnel providing alarm status, reports and work orders.
  • Communications are via email, SMS and an interactive blog facility.
  • Robust SaaS system accessible on a range of devices such as tablets and mobile devices over standard wireless networks.
  • Import normal asset behaviour parameters to enable comparison of actual behaviour over time.
  • The 24/7 real-time monitoring capabilities ensure greater safety though early warning of major structural failures, and avoids human error possible with traditional visual inspection and detection.
  • Application areas include civil, utilities, facilities, industrial and environmental.


Asset Management

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