Express Rail Link

Maxwell GeoSystems have been appointed as lead consultant on the Independent...

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Express Rail Link

Maxwell GeoSystems have been appointed as lead consultant on the Independent Monitoring Consultancy for the Express Rail Link (XRL); a HK$68 billion rail project requiring 26 kilometres of tunnel and a station terminus in Kowloon.

Project details

Client: Mass Transit Railway Corporation

Budget: HK$68 Billion

Our role is to provide construction monitoring advice to the MTRC and in particular comment on results provided by instrumentation contractors serving the 14 main contracts along the alignment. Maxwell GeoSystems also independently monitor instrumentation across the alignment as part of quality assurance and risk mitigation. The Maxwell GeoSystems Mission Portal forms the basis for the Unified Web database which serves the entire project.

Contract 8010 focuses on the iconic station and its approach tunnels constructed within Hong Kong’s largest ever retained excavations. The Maxwell GeoSystems team have worked closely with MTRC engineers to design systems to address the various challenges faced by the construction including the implementation of

systems to compare movements against predictions and excavation progress and sophisticated tracking of structural distortions of utilities and buildings.

Contract C8011 monitors the tunnel portion of the project which are excavated using a combination of retained excavation, bored tunnel and drill and blast. The systems have to accommodate a variety of monitoring types including strut monitoring, real time monitoring of existing structures, ground vibration and convergence.

The Mission OS provides for alarm notifications with links directly to the relevant data and an online weblog for recording commentary. The system is highly valued by all parties to the project.

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