Maxwell GeoSystems’ MissionOS provides its Clients the very latest choices in dynamic graphing options.

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Flexible Graphing and Analysis

Interrogate Data and Explore Relationships, Create Canvases with Multiple Related Plots Using Interactive Graphs on the Web

The MissionOS has a highly flexible graphing engine to allow you to combine data of all types with drawings, comments and programme information in powerful ways to increase understanding.

  • mgs bulletPlots vs Time, Chainage, Proximity
  • mgs bulletY1 vs Y2 Show different instrument types on a common X axis scale or instrument and TBM parameters
  • mgs bulletX vs Y Plot on parameter against another eg TBM parameters or other parameter using interpolation to link
  • mgs bulletOverplot Construction data – Show construction events which may have influenced results.
  • mgs bulletOverplot Graphs on Drawings – Show data against plans and sections eg. Convergence

All graphs can be saved as part of the Canvas sheets library


Plot against chainage axes
Simple XY and XYZ graphs
Design analytical plots like this gausssian prediction
Progress Data over-plotted onto real time strain gauge monitoring data monitoring data