Singapore Power Assets – Cable Tunnels

Maxwell GeoSystems in world’s first partnering for Information Management on Singapore Power Mega Transmission Cable Project for Singapore Power Assets – NS & EW Cable Tunnels.

Image Courtesy of Straits Times/WorldNews

Image Maxwell GeoSystems-Copyright reserved

Maxwell GeoSystems collaborated with Singapore Power Assets and contractors Samsung, Hyundai, Nishimatsu, SKEC to deliver 40km of deep tunnel and 18 shafts and connecting adits as part of an innovative partnering approach to information.

The IDMS contract was delivered by a steering group featuring all of the project stakeholders and became the backbone for information sharing and communication on the project.

The MissionOS monitored 48,000 instruments across the project which covered the Thompson and Holland Road Corridors. At one time it had 15 tunnel boring machines operating on a single system making it the largest ever single system implementation for tunnelling in the world.

The system was required to be the single source of truth for all information and was used in all meetings from executive board down to specialist instrumentation reviews.

The canvas system enabled staff to do away with pre-meeting preparation and design story boards which were automatically refreshed with project data.

The daily use of the system was high and improved project oversight reduced occurrences of excessive ground settlement by 90% when compared to previous tunnels in similar conditions.

Sector Tunnelling Location Singapore
Client Singapore Power Assets Budget USD$ 2.0 Billion
TBM Drives
Instrument Records
10 Million
(10% in Real-Time)
( Real Time Data Feeds)


(Shafts complete, Tunnels started)