Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel

The Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel was the first of a series of tunnels constructed by Drainage Services Department (DSD) for
flood water control.

The project comprised an 11km tunnel of 8m diameter mined through the rock of Hong Kong Island and connecting via 34 adits (mine entrances) and shafts to a collection culverts around the Hong Kong Island catchment.

The Hong Kong Drainage Services Department had previously used the Tunnel Data Management System built by Maxwell GeoSystems for the Sewage Disposal Scheme and were keen to implement a similar system for their new projects.

On the back of the success of this pilot system Maxwell GeoSystems were awarded the first of four contracts for the provision of the full tunnel management software to contractors.

All project data, including instrumentation, shift reports, technical and TBM parameters, was entered into the latest Maxwell GeoSystems proprietary programme in either real time or by the contractor and published to the web for a wider user audience

Sector Tunneling Location Hong Kong SAR, China
Client Dragages Nishimatsu HKD$ 1.5 Billion /HK Drainage Services Dept Budget HKD$ 1.5 Billion